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    Connor Faps a Redcoat to Death - Glitch (http://youtu.be/ikXlAAItheE)



    Quotes from youtube *cries*:

    • Connor the extreme does anything to not pay a ticket.
    • Warning: Connor did not jerk off guards.      
    • No wonder they didn’t mention Connor in the history books…     
    • Beat-off a leader to obtain information. [1/3]    
    • Love what Connor says as it starts “Take me to your leader”    
    • The red coat comes back up “can you jerk me again”.
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    Did you hear that? That’s the sound of my heart shattering.

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    Arrested Development NEStalgia Is Here!

    Created by super-artist Jesse Eisemann, this 6 cart set is of one of the greatest TV series in history and we are excited to see it in NEStalgia cart form. There is I’m A Monster, Chicken Dance Revolution, Mr. Bananagrabber, Stair Kart, Steve Holt!, and Dr. Funke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family-Band Solution which can be purchased individually, or you can buy the entire set and save! 

    As a bonus, each cart has a special Arrested Development genre icon as well as an awesome new addition of QR codes which you can scan to pull up the animated version of each design!

    Available now @72Pins

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    Historias breves, pero intensas

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  12. remember what we taught you
    the end is close

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